Campagne Zuurstof voor Cuba

Es un crime contra la umanidad El bloqueo a el País e a su Pueblo. Oxigeno para Cuba. Esto es una política medieval e desumana.
Renato martins flores. Brasil !
Contrary to what many people think, the blockade also violates the rights of other citizens of the world. I am a Cuban-Canadian citizen. Due to the 'blockade', I cannot have a USD account in Canada without running extra procedures in which my private information must be sent to the United States. I tried to open a website to license tourist photos of the island and although the company I used was from Switzerland, the servers were from Google and the site was not seen in Cuba. The owners were upset and didn't know that this could happen. The TD Bank of Canada closed an investment account for me despite being a Canadian citizen due to my Cuban origin. I have more personal examples but I stop not to bore you
Roberto Machado Noa
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